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Decomposition is the act of breaking down tasks into smaller details. As humans, we do this all the time, even with something as simple and automatic like the act of brushing our teeth. Being creatures of habit, we are able to brush our teeth without giving much thought to toothpaste and toothbrush matters, how long to brush, directions and how hard to press on our teeth each morning.

Decomposition , as one of the cornerstones of Computer Science requires much more thinking skills than the simple act of brushing our teeth. Reason tells us it is certainly more manageable to examine and solve a complex problem one small part at a time rather than to be astounded and confused by the sheer size and complexity of one gigantic problem.

Basically, decomposing a problem involves identifying the whats and hows of solving an existing problem. One such example is creating an app. Following are some of the concerns that need to be addressed in the process of creating an app:

- What is the main idea of the app
- What do you want the app to look like
- What will the graphics look like
- What would a suitable audio be
- What software would be utilised in building this app
- How will the user navigate this app
- How will you test your app

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